Education is not the learning of facts, it’s rather the training of the mind to think.

~Albert Einstein

Our Students Love School and Learning:

CCCS’s project-based approach is designed to inspire students to embrace challenges and unleash their natural talent for creativity, innovation and curiosity. We have little to no lecture or fixed pace group instruction. Instead, we allow students to work at their own pace and the teacher has time to give individualized instruction. We give little to no homework each night so that each student has time to explore sports, music, scouts, church or other interests and they can have time just to be kid! Students enjoy each school day because they are allowed to explore their interests, be creative, invent and explore new ideas and have FUN!

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We take advantage of the latest educational technology and Montessori independent learning techniques to help students master math, reading, spelling, grammar and other rule oriented disciplines. Not only does this free up the teacher to work with students individually, it also allows students to master these basic skills more quickly so that they can spend the majority of their day working on their engaging hands-on projects. These projects lead to deeper understanding and greater retention of content knowledge. Students are better able to apply what they know to new situations and real life. 

Deeper Learning Takes Place at CCCS
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Our Students Gain Valuable Life Skills and Build Character: 

Students hearts' are nurtured at CCCS and given many opportunities to grow in empathy, compassion, integrity, responsibility, kindness and more through community service projects, meaningful discussions, biblical truths and reflection. Our teachers model, build and expect a caring and supportive classroom community. CCCS prepares students for life by actively developing confidence, motivation, resilience, and teamwork, all traits associated with lifelong achievement and personal fulfillment. Students have daily opportunities to do projects that build 21st century skills including problem solving, critical thinking, high level communication  and core skills.

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