Full Year


One payment


$590 per month

10 payments


10% for each additional sibling

$15 each month for Chaparral Church Members

How can I afford a private education for my child?

Any student enrolled in Chaparral Christian Community School qualifies for Tax Credit Scholarships.  We use ACSTO as our tax credit organization.  To apply for tax credit scholarships online, go to   The sooner you apply the better!  However, you will be able to apply throughout the entire school year. You can also apply at many other school tax credit organizations.

More information

We are blessed to have a church community that helps support our school.  Chaparral Christian Church ​donated enough tax credit money to cover at least part of each elementary student's tuition.  Therefore, families will be responsible for the remaining portion of your child's tuition.  Here are some options:

  1. Pay the tuition out of pocket.  (Our tuition rate is very reasonable for an innovative, quality Christian education.)

  2. Apply at more tax credit organizations.  We have had further scholarship success with IBE.  You can apply on their website (  You can see the entire list of certified tax credit organizations at  Kindergarten students and new students qualify for the Overflow/Plus funds that you might see on applications.

  3. Ask family and friends to donate their tax credit funds to ACSTO specifically in your child's name.  Their tax credit will then go to your child.  They can still donate for the 2020 tax year until April 15, 2021.  You cannot donate to your own child.

  4. You child must be considered a K-12 to receive a tax credit scholarship.  Tax credit scholarships are not available for preschool students untiles they are an IEP.